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ARCH. Paul Lupu


Business Center Pitesti – office building, retail, aqua&sport facilities, parking


The "Business Center Pitesti" – offices and multi-function spaces, 3B+GF+10, is located on the I.C. Bratianu Street, Pitesti, Arges County, close to

the city center, having an easy connection with the highway A1 Bucharest-Pitesti.

The financing, based on accessing European Funds, generated the plan of the main building, intended for office spaces, in relation to the

requirements of the area for Small&Medium Business, to whom they are addressed, providing them conditions fully compliant with class A standards.


The "Business Center Pitesti" includes a large parking lot underground, spaces for offices, area of public food and multi-function spaces, for exhibition, retail or services. A modern fitness center is located in building B, dedicated to those who enjoy squash, swimming and dry & wet sauna. The terrace of the building B is destinated to be used as a sport field, for tennis or minisoccer.

The facade is the key element for highliting the different functionality of the buildings. From this point of view, building A is distinct from buildings B & C. The front elevation concept of building A started from the iterative plan modules and the repeting coloured elements are reminding of Paul Klee art work.
The area surronded by the three buildings is designed as a recreational space for the tenants of the "Business Center Pitesti".





         Expozitie de pictura LIVIU STANESCU gazduita de BUSINESS FORUM PITESTI
        "După mulți ani am hotărât să-ți arăt pasiunea mea, așa că, hai să privești lucrările mele. Totodată, vom discuta liber despre arta contemporana și proiectele mele de viitor, totul intr-o ambianță placută, inspirațională. Expoziţia este deschisă în perioada 14 – 29 noiembrie 2015, putând fi vizitată zilnic."
Mai multe detalii despre tablourile expuse gasiti in linkul urmator: